Being Honest

Watching you from distance
it meant volumes,
I’m so committed-
Now Im trying bridge our inches
Don’t wanna crowd you….
I love how you
Pose in every pic-
How cute,
sexy bitch
Incredible lips-
I know what edible is….
I wanna mouth you.
You’re on my vegetable list-
No moment is as special as this….
I wanna crown you.
You’re normal, like regular shit
My sex with you, a porn
I’m being cordial
I respect you being celebrant,
It’s a war,
I support you…..
Heaven sent,
You let me know what heaven is-
I adore you,
Never say hay, unless it’s horse food-
I give options, never force you
but still expect a kiss….
I do anything for you…..
And I ain’t desperate……..


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