No theatrics, I’ve seen enough –
You’re skin,
evidence of Egypt sun
This is the start of a classic-
I have a secret crush
Our invisible audiance, clapping-
And I can tell you need to fuck……..

My intention,
Is Vibing and
My peace pipe, did I mention
I am
Ignoring the fact I’m hot in the britches
…Conversations, she like-
Music on, so we write-
The most intricate sentences,
That freeze time-
Flirting, wish we could rewind
And unfuck a few,
then I’ll decide
to fuck with you…..
And you can follow my lead-
You need no summer shoes,
Nothing basic, our mathematics – geometry
No mothergoose….
You’ll leave your husband
If I unbutton you,
Mind sex before my biology class
corrupt your truth ……


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