Condusive to love,
Your language isnt….
I can speak two languages,
It wouldn’t impress basic bitches…
poured my heart, Wasted minutes
Love is real…
The hatred different’
Stole my words, plagiarism
You closed your heart,
caged and fenced it-
Your pussy wet, I need Noah’s arc
Wipe my mouth before I face my critics
You cant price my smile-
But you can say you dig it….
This mouth, I ate you with it-
And then I thanked you with it….
I’m exactly what a Angel isn’t…….
Saying things your man can’t,
You say I’m gifted’
I do things you can’t plan
…. navel kisses…..
Massage you with my right hand,
Then spank you with it….

Naughty thoughts-
Fuck you on the same floor
The dirty laundry on……..
a good day you caught me on…


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