Haven’t sat down and typed thoughts
… Seem like five months…
I’ve been selfish,
We’ve texted, flirted-
No indirect shit,
exchanged words picture perfect
became your fresh breath
You want me more than every nigga
You ever slept with-
Dirty thoughts
But its Paradise in every wet kiss-
I wanna get higher than Craig did,
And I did….
Dirty sex,
we avoided Craigslist,
My grip-
Plus my dick,
made one hell of an impression…

To me,
you with no make up
You’re the baddest bitch-
stroked you for hours,
only half would fit….
I killed that pussy,
But didn’t casket it….
Kissed lips
and then I kissed lips
loving the fact its flower scent-
And that was after hour 6….