Said enough, made her mind race
 I kept talking-
artistic, she expect drawings
 And the logistics
  Crossed lines, couldn’t violate
I’m hotter than the burning logs
  In the fire place-
there’s words my eyes could say
 All you gotta do is listen,
  I  bring more change
Than when dollars brake-
I love cake
   you’re delicious-
 Plus your size is great….
Making future plans
   of fucking the night away-
We’re full of motives and emotions
       Minus hate……
Your circle is smaller than
       tire brakes…..
   And they notice,
     How much your vibe have change
…Right after your time away…







I’ll never bite my tongue
Or snitch with it-
I carry my shovel, knee deep in shit
I dig with it-
Some say, my theory flawed
I’m killing what’s Able,
Sins of my father, I live wit it-
She’s jealous,
I’m tongue kissing this bottle
But my piss Guinness….
Blacking out every six minutes….
Contemplating my role if I pimp bitches,
if it wasn’t my words
then my dick did it…

Chocolate, wine & Sex

Started with innocent laughs,
A compliment…
She smiled, that’s an accomplishment
I won her over, no dollars spent…
My energy
Provide no power trip,
You like pictures painted vividly
and my unique scholarship…
Nothing is moderate
I’m chocolate,
You love chocolate
and conscious men
And the sound of violins…
You won’t die in Higher learning
Because Tyra did
I’ll help you release hot air
Better than dryer vents…..

Drink wine from your vagina,
Til I intoxicate-
This is more natural than
when you oluvate.

Kissing the soft parts of you,
touching is more aggressive-
A beautiful mind,
You’re blessed with.

Before intercourse

She rather have sex
the mental kind-
My quotes deeper than the bishop write,
candles lit- scented light,
No jack Daniel, just a swig of wine…
Crossed bridges, what’s left?
a fence to climb-
Love it when i undress your
expensive mind
Where you from?
during dinner time-
Phone ringing,
Won’t answer
it’s dinner time…
Food for thought,
Jewels involved
Not those Jewish frauds-
Massage your feet,
Your shoes are off-
You’re Buddha calm,
Calling me your boo,
So now your boo’s a God-
…Shine light, the roof is gone….

Being Honest

Watching you from distance
it meant volumes,
I’m so committed-
Now Im trying bridge our inches
Don’t wanna crowd you….
I love how you
Pose in every pic-
How cute,
sexy bitch
Incredible lips-
I know what edible is….
I wanna mouth you.
You’re on my vegetable list-
No moment is as special as this….
I wanna crown you.
You’re normal, like regular shit
My sex with you, a porn
I’m being cordial
I respect you being celebrant,
It’s a war,
I support you…..
Heaven sent,
You let me know what heaven is-
I adore you,
Never say hay, unless it’s horse food-
I give options, never force you
but still expect a kiss….
I do anything for you…..
And I ain’t desperate……..

Online affair

She sent pictures 📷, so did I-
No spoken lies, online flirting
Emoji with the heart bulging eyes😍-
You’re so perfect
I know what your poke imply👉
And it’s sole purpose…..
She don’t want my hearts💕
Just my heart ❤ and an open mind-
We’ve grown,
Old enough to do more than socialize-
We’ve opened up,
I wanna do more than grope your thighs
So serious, like a poker bluff –
My saliva, lotion your lower spine
Until your thighs open up-
Then Lick it 100 times 👅💯…..
Flattered, you said,
“I’m bold as fuck”
You wanna ride, until we sober up🍷🍷
We can do it in stride-
Until your swollen shut…..


No theatrics, I’ve seen enough –
You’re skin,
evidence of Egypt sun
This is the start of a classic-
I have a secret crush
Our invisible audiance, clapping-
And I can tell you need to fuck……..

My intention,
Is Vibing and
My peace pipe, did I mention
I am
Ignoring the fact I’m hot in the britches
…Conversations, she like-
Music on, so we write-
The most intricate sentences,
That freeze time-
Flirting, wish we could rewind
And unfuck a few,
then I’ll decide
to fuck with you…..
And you can follow my lead-
You need no summer shoes,
Nothing basic, our mathematics – geometry
No mothergoose….
You’ll leave your husband
If I unbutton you,
Mind sex before my biology class
corrupt your truth ……