Private party

I touch your heart
with the hand I write it-
Pull strings, no guitar
A light kiss,
You’re in the range of 5’6….
Nice lips….
Kelly Price lips.
Can’t wife
what I can’t hit-
One night, plus she drive stick
Sunrise, then she ride dick-
No hands, perfect balance
We burned plants,then the purple album
Conversations, who murdered malcolm
Then it’s back to back strokes
The dirty kind,
Examples of my dirty mind,
Burning candles, the wine is aged 39
Got it for a nice price
We paid for it,
I’ll roll again, no cock dice
The Haze orange…
Role play, you get a Oscar
for you fake performance.

Ain’t no cameras on this set
We’re┬ábeing private.
can’t breathe,
she need the hymalic


Chocolate, wine & Sex

Started with innocent laughs,
A compliment…
She smiled, that’s an accomplishment
I won her over, no dollars spent…
My energy
Provide no power trip,
You like pictures painted vividly
and my unique scholarship…
Nothing is moderate
I’m chocolate,
You love chocolate
and conscious men
And the sound of violins…
You won’t die in Higher learning
Because Tyra did
I’ll help you release hot air
Better than dryer vents…..

Drink wine from your vagina,
Til I intoxicate-
This is more natural than
when you oluvate.

Kissing the soft parts of you,
touching is more aggressive-
A beautiful mind,
You’re blessed with.