Known for dirty talk,
arouse you on purpose-
Turn you on,
you saw me shirtless-
I haven’t had a drink
in years
I’m showing you what thirst is-
she says I’m worth risk….
My dick long enough
to hurt ribs
She just want
to learn tricks,
Get tongue kissed,
hips groped with
a firm grip…
Diamond mines in Africa,
Is how deep my love get-
Orgasms, make your legs
very hard
To run with-
Every stroke,
Clearly a
Very large drug fix…


Body to body

Who would’ve thought,
We’re secretive –
I need a kiss….
I need it french….
My penis big….
I don’t have to die for you
If jesus did…….
I won’t judge you
if you plead the 5th
time is money,
It’s our least expsense….
I dont wanna just stick my hands
in your pants
I wanna leave them in
It’s deep,
not far fetch
A heart beat away-
I want you more than arms stretched
A heart throb, she love chocolate
I told her eat away-
Sex appeal, Playas Club
Lisa Raye-
Personality, im thinking …
Saturday Night live
Tina Faye
Ideas, patterns that lack jive
we exchange-

And grow from it…..
You exist where my dreams are made
Your souls’ glowing…..
I respect your space
As if your toes broken

Held hands for a moment,
Every thought clear-
No plans broken,
now your hands on my beard,
I smell adult lotion….
Soft spoken
your voice is music to my ears…