Haven’t sat down and typed thoughts
… Seem like five months…
I’ve been selfish,
We’ve texted, flirted-
No indirect shit,
exchanged words picture perfect
became your fresh breath
You want me more than every nigga
You ever slept with-
Dirty thoughts
But its Paradise in every wet kiss-
I wanna get higher than Craig did,
And I did….
Dirty sex,
we avoided Craigslist,
My grip-
Plus my dick,
made one hell of an impression…

To me,
you with no make up
You’re the baddest bitch-
stroked you for hours,
only half would fit….
I killed that pussy,
But didn’t casket it….
Kissed lips
and then I kissed lips
loving the fact its flower scent-
And that was after hour 6….


Private party

I touch your heart
with the hand I write it-
Pull strings, no guitar
A light kiss,
You’re in the range of 5’6….
Nice lips….
Kelly Price lips.
Can’t wife
what I can’t hit-
One night, plus she drive stick
Sunrise, then she ride dick-
No hands, perfect balance
We burned plants,then the purple album
Conversations, who murdered malcolm
Then it’s back to back strokes
The dirty kind,
Examples of my dirty mind,
Burning candles, the wine is aged 39
Got it for a nice price
We paid for it,
I’ll roll again, no cock dice
The Haze orange…
Role play, you get a Oscar
for you fake performance.

Ain’t no cameras on this set
We’re┬ábeing private.
can’t breathe,
she need the hymalic


Known for dirty talk,
arouse you on purpose-
Turn you on,
you saw me shirtless-
I haven’t had a drink
in years
I’m showing you what thirst is-
she says I’m worth risk….
My dick long enough
to hurt ribs
She just want
to learn tricks,
Get tongue kissed,
hips groped with
a firm grip…
Diamond mines in Africa,
Is how deep my love get-
Orgasms, make your legs
very hard
To run with-
Every stroke,
Clearly a
Very large drug fix…

Body to body

Who would’ve thought,
We’re secretive –
I need a kiss….
I need it french….
My penis big….
I don’t have to die for you
If jesus did…….
I won’t judge you
if you plead the 5th
time is money,
It’s our least expsense….
I dont wanna just stick my hands
in your pants
I wanna leave them in
It’s deep,
not far fetch
A heart beat away-
I want you more than arms stretched
A heart throb, she love chocolate
I told her eat away-
Sex appeal, Playas Club
Lisa Raye-
Personality, im thinking …
Saturday Night live
Tina Faye
Ideas, patterns that lack jive
we exchange-

And grow from it…..
You exist where my dreams are made
Your souls’ glowing…..
I respect your space
As if your toes broken

Held hands for a moment,
Every thought clear-
No plans broken,
now your hands on my beard,
I smell adult lotion….
Soft spoken
your voice is music to my ears…